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Civil Seas Yacht Management is a full-service yacht management company. We ensure that your yacht is maintained, managed, and operated to the highest standards. This includes maintenance and technical management, financial and administrative management, and safety and compliance management. We maximize our clients’ safety, return on investment, and peace of mind.


Your yacht is a significant asset that requires time, attention, knowledge, and diligence to protect. Civil Seas acts as the Owner’s representative to ensure that your yacht is carefully and properly maintained, efficiently and cost-effectively managed, and operated to the highest standards. Our goals are to maximize our clients’ safety, return on investment, and peace of mind.

We provide comprehensive yacht management services, which we can be customized and tailored to meet your needs. Our full range of services includes:

Maintenance and Technical Management

Civil Seas will determine and stay abreast of the maintenance needs, technical requirements, and regulatory standards specific to your yacht. We provide regular inspections, systems checks, wash downs and bottom cleanings, regular waxing, and weather checks following inclement weather, and we ensure that maintenance schedules and repairs stay within your budget and align with your cruising itinerary.

Financial and Administrative Management

Civil Seas will manage resources and control costs to operate and maintain your yacht. We carefully track and document all accounts receivable and payable and produce at-a-glance reports for the Owner’s review. If your yacht has a crew, we ensure that salaries are paid and expenses are reviewed, approved, and reimbursed.

Safety and Compliance Management

Civil Seas will develop a customized safety management protocol for your yacht and conduct regular safety audits to proactively identify any vulnerabilities and take preventive or corrective measures. We ensure that all legally required documentation and coverage is established and maintained.


Civil Seas’ owner/operators Bo and Stacey Smith have a combined 30 years of experience maintaining and operating charter vessels.

Bo Smith, Owner/Operator

Bo has 38 years of maritime experience backed by a degree in Business Management and a distinguished track record in leadership and business development. He has a proven track record of using direct sales, marketing, customer relationship management, and customer stewardship to grow his clients’ business and customer base across a variety of industries. Thanks to owning several boats and being mechanically inclined, Bo has a working knowledge of marine diesel engines, marine systems, electronics, electrical systems, and small boat systems. He has worked on and around vessels up to 100 feet and held a USCG 50-Ton Master License from 2006 to 2013.

Stacey Smith, Chief Operating Officer

Stacey has a lifelong passion for boating, including both sailboats and powerboats, and 25 years of experience in marketing communications, outreach, and business and program development. Through her role as founder and CEO of Civilian, an award-winning marketing firm and B Corp headquartered in San Diego, she has extensive experience helping public and private entities raise awareness, develop partnerships, and effectively engage their target audiences, including the Port of San Diego and the San Diego International Airport. She has also provided marketing consulting services to Flagship Cruises and Marine Group Boat Works. Stacey has a degree in Communications from San Diego State University with postgraduate education from the University of San Diego MBA program and the MIT Enterprise Forum’s Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership Program.

Charlie Slabaugh, Fleet Manager

Charlie is a retired Marine Law Enforcement Manager and Instructor with experience in marine fleet management, budget management, and personnel. Based on his 22-year record of Law Enforcement instruction, including 14 years as a Marine Law Enforcement Instructor, Charlie has been involved in developing the curriculum for statewide law enforcement training courses. He currently holds a USCG 100-Ton Master License with an Assistance Towing Endorsement and has served as an instructor for the Training Resources Limited Maritime Institute (TRLMI) of San Diego’s USCG 100-Ton Masters Course. He previously served as a USCG Small Boat Search and Rescue Coxswain, which required him to ensure the rescue boats were operational and ready for emergency operations and to operate them in all weather conditions, including fog and heavy weather. Charlie has operated boats professionally and recreationally since 1974, including vessels ranging from recreational runabouts and day cruisers up to 78-foot motor yachts.


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